We should always remember that the practice of hearing daily mass actually originiated with the "gabuzzi" or gang of gagliardi gardeners.
Which is evidence that contrary to certain theories, an uninhibited human spirit tends to drift toward Love in its Eucharistic, wheat field form.
God simply "smells" good. It's a fact.
My sheep hear my voice, and my voice brings good news for all the sheep, Jesus might have said.

We can collect the minutes and newsletters and engelbloggery here until we figure out what to do with it.
The first good news is KABOOM The big bang of Love, and God saw that it was good. that is, reality is good per se, reality is an effusion of love.
The garden of paradise was, and remains in God's mind, the repository of goodness.
As Pasolini says, reality is the first teacher and in fact the most effective.
However the devil smirched it with jealousy and now the good angels have to do the apology, to explain that it was marred deliberately and not by Gods design, but in envy of and in opposition to love, whcih is Gods design and always will be.
This apology which is also our work once we hear it, to shout it out from the roof.
If we learned anything from these two years of skirmishes it is that the angels are definitely at war over the good news. The happy ones like the news, the angry ones dont.
This week the priest talked about Saint benedict whose feast seems to coincide with Uriel (in the gnostic church which is a heresy of some kind, it is aligned with the solstice, in the ethiopian church it is July 28, is that their solstice? Check this out) also they were both interested in unity, Benedetto of europe and Uriel of the universe via the fire of God's spirit, but still.
The priest talked about the rule of benedict, his fortress/monasteries versus St Francis and the mendicant style of bringing the good news.
The skandal of suffering should always be addressed with the gospel, right?
Even if people dont believe in angelic announcements of the gates of Paradise being opened, reality itself should serve as evidence, we just have to interpret it correctly.

As for the company we spent the week on the tax returns, though we did not form the company to avoid taxes, we formed it to avoid enraged people.
The enraged people cannot strike out at Bezoz and other titans of greed so they strike at us the vulnerable ones, and then we get blamed for the tax evasions of Bezos as well.
That's ok, stay calm, God is with us, but we have to always remember this, because it is the elephant in the room.

We are over the $400 a month budget already but we learn to live more simply, this is an ongoing experiment. It is an experiemnt in UBI, Universal Basic income, as to whether it can be done in a Jesus like loaves and fishes type of way.

Also we learned a lot about what constitutes a school for the IRS, and what constitutes an accredited institution for the DEAC.
To be a university in the legal sense you have to confer academic degrees, though again, trump was never held accountable for the rip off of trump u, which was ridiculously expensive.
Again, stay calm.
Most universities are overpriced and we know this.
In fact we will confer degrees based on a thesis investigating the Gaia theory, bullshit theory or some kind of geiste in de rkunst or musical psychology eucatastrophe theory.
we just have to set it up in a formal, official sort of manner.

This is good! Have no fear to state what is true. As with the trust, which if truthful could read something like This declaration of trust intends to fund the univeristy; at the same time it is mindful of the beneficiaries identified in the attached schedule "B" whose lives are perpetually in danger and will remain so indefinitely, due to mentally ill relatives who are perpetually mentally ill, and dangerous criminals with whom these same beneficiaries took refuge to be protected frmo the mentally ill relatives.
THe infrastructure of this country is simply unable to deal with such a vast problem, and as with climate change, faced with the enormity and memance of this problem, authorities generally ignore it or are complicit in it by tolerating, condoning and in some cases rewarding the abuse of power.
and so this trust does so for the beneficiaries by providing for their needs in a discreet and private fashion in perpetuity.
THose who menace their lives are unable to get at the trust assets, not even with a weapon, since the trustees and beneficiaries, and even the existence of the trust itself, are unknown to them.
The beneficiaries shall be safe forever, shall be citizens of the paradise gardens forever, and shall not be traumatized anymore forever.
(now thats a dream to work for.)/The trust shall have a corporate trustee.Neocities.